How to Apply for a Burglar/Fire Alarm License

1. Contact Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI) at (800) 733-9267 and request a South Carolina Burglar/Fire Alarm Application Package.

1a, In the meantime, you will want to schedule the NTS Level I certification course. Once you take the course it can take 4-6 weeks to get the results.  Click here to learn how to complete the NTS Level I.

2. When you receive the application package, submit the registration form for your technical and Code of Law exams to PSI (see the Candidate Information Bulletin). A listing of reference materials and testing sites will be included.

3. You will receive an Eligibility Letter from PSI. Call the number at the bottom of the letter and schedule an appointment at the testing site of your choice.

4. After you have passed the technical and Code of Law exams, submit your completed application, Doc#130, for license to the S.C. Contractors' Licensing Board (803-896-4686) and include all of the following:

  • Fee
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance*
  • Technical and Code of Law Score Sheets
  • Criminal background check on the entity's principal officers and all qualifying parties
  • Verification of NTS Level I certification (burglar alarm)
  • Verification of NTS Level I certification or NICET Level II (fire alarm)

*The name on the certificate of liability insurance must read the same as the licensee and have the same address. The insurers affording coverage must be licensed to write insurance policies in South Carolina. The S.C. Contractors' Licensing Board must be listed as the certificate holder.

Click here to be directed to the licensing agencies' website, or you may call (803) 896-4686.

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