Burglar and Fire Frequently Asked Licensure Questions

How long does it take? 
Normally about 10 days if all required information is supplied and correct.

Does South Carolina reciprocate licenses from other states?
The board may grant a license or certificate to an applicant holding a license in good standing in another state or jurisdiction whose requirements for licensure are equal to or greater than those set forth in this chapter as determined by the board.

Applicants for reciprocal licensure may be required to successfully pass the South Carolina Code of Laws Examination regulating the alarm business and must comply with all other license and certificate requirements.

If I take the NTS Level one exam outside of South Carolina can I still use it towards my license? 

When do I need to renew a license?
A licensee shall apply to the department for license renewal every two years before the license expiration date on a form prescribed by the board. Renewal applications not postmarked by the expiration date result in a lapsed license. An entity which fails to renew and which continues to engage in the alarm business is deemed to be practicing without a license and subject to the penalties prescribed in this chapter.

What happens if my renewal expiration date has passed?
An alarm business license not renewed after ninety days from the expiration date must not be considered for renewal, and the license must be canceled. To obtain a license after a license is canceled, the applicant must complete an initial application form and pay the applicable fees. An examination is not required if the qualifying party otherwise satisfies the licensing requirements.

Do I need CEs to renew my license?
There are no requirements for Continuing Education

Does SC require the state number to be on business cards, letterhead?

Who is the qualifying party?
The person designated to pass the technical, business management/law and the S. C. Take Home Exam. This person must be a fulltime employee in a responsible management position. All licensees must designate a qualifying party for each license classification.

Can a qualifying party qualify two separate companies?
Yes. The qualifying party must sign an affidavit confirming they meet all of the qualifications listed in Section 40-11-230 of the law.

Who’s net worth should be reflected on the financial statement? The Company or Individual?
The financial statement should be in the name of the applicant, which is the name in which you will conduct your business (i.e., sign contracts, advertise, etc.). If you apply as a corporation, LLC, LLP, etc. the financial statement must be in that entity’s name.

Can I use the financial statement of the parent company?
Yes. You must also submit a letter from the parent company stating that the entity is a wholly owned subsidiary.