South Carolina Electronic Security Association George Ball Scholarship


The George Ball Scholarship is named in honor of Mr. George Ball, a charter member of the South Carolina Electronic Security Association.  Mr. Ball will forever be recognized for his dedication and service to the industry and association. 


Rules and Eligibility Requirements

The following criteria will be used as minimum eligibility requirements and judging criteria for the applicants of the SCESA George Ball Scholarship.

The scholarship award, up to $1,000, will be given to qualified students. The winner(s) will be presented a check made out to their school’s registrar and a framed certificate.

The student must be at least 15 years of age and not older than 20. He or she must be enrolled in an accredited high school as a senior matriculating the following year; or must be enrolled as a full time freshman or sophomore student at an accredited college or university located with in the state of South Carolina.

Each eligible student must have a father, mother or natural guardian who is a full-time, active employee of a burglar/fire alarm company or is a first responder.

Each student must submit a fully completed and signed application postmarked on or before August 23, 2019. Failure to follow instructions can result in disqualification.

All materials (including essays) become property of the SCESA. By submitting an application and essay, the student grants permission to publish any and all essays. Applicants also agree that if they win, they will cooperate in publicity efforts, including (but not limited to) participating in interviews with state communications, local, trade press, and submitting photos for inclusion in state chapter publications, press materials and on line. Applicants will make every effort to meet with the SCESA for an award presentation ceremony.

Students must submit the following: 
1. Completed and signed application
2. Essay (typed) 
3. Proof of enrollment in high school (transcript or letter acceptable)
4. Proof of acceptance/enrollment in a college or university (letter acceptable)
5. Proof of parent’s occupation (ID or supervisory letter acceptable)
6. Copies of SAT and/or ACT test score results submitted by the high school
7. Letter of recommendations from the high school counselor or other outside agency which verifies participation in extracurricular activities

Awards are based on a combination of academic achievement, national test scores, extracurricular participation and the essay. All decisions are final. 

The score is based on the following:
1. Grade point average - 35 points
2. SAT scores or ACT - 30 points
3. Essay - 20 points
4. Extracurricular - 15 points